Optimum performance and fuel economy is at your fingertips with the latest performance programmers, chips, tuners, and modules from Edge, Superchips, SCT, Bully Dog, Smarty, Hypertech, HP Tuners, Diablosport, Spartan Diesel Technologies, H&S Performance, and more! All our programmers for both diesel and gas applications allow you to adjust critical performance parameters, including shift points, shift firmness, top speed limiter, rev limiter, and more. Plus, many models let you clear trouble codes, monitor and display vehicle performance, and even log performance data for future custom tuning! Whether you want more power, improved fuel economy, or both, we have a tuner programmer to get you dialed in.

As engine technology has evolved so has tuning. As recently as 2003 a performance chip was often literally a chip that connected to your vehicles ECM. Today the meaning of the word chip has changed drastically and is now used to refer to not only a chip, but also a tuner, programmer, or external module. Here is a basic description of each of these power upgrades.

Performance Chips are just that, a small circuit board with a chip designed to plug directly into your vehicle's on board computer (ECM). Today’s chips are used mainly for pre-1996 gas powered cars and trucks and 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke diesel trucks and vans. Performance chips provide great fuel economy improvements, often between 2 to 4 miles per gallon, and can see horsepower gains of over 150 hp! All that leads to improved drive-ability and better towing capability.

Performance Programmers plug in to the OBD2 port of your vehicle. A pre-loaded tune or program can then be uploaded to your vehicles’s on board computer that is more optimized for power and economy than what was originally programmed from the factory. Programmers are incredibly effective and popular because they are extremely simple and very easy to use while still being highly effective. These programmers do not require the user to be a tuning professional to achieve the fuel economy improvement and huge performance gains that your vehicle has hidden under the hood. There are many high quality manufacturers like Edge, Smarty, PPE, Bully Dog, SCT, Superchips, Diablosport, Banks Power, and Hypertech. Between them, these manufacturer's have performance programmers for just about every vehicle made since 1996 and they have already done all the tuning and testing for you... just plug in the device, upload the new tune and go! In a few minutes you can turn your vehicle into a more powerful AND more fuel efficient performance machine. For people that do not care for any more power, most of these companies offer "mileage specific" tunes that are dedicated to maximizing fuel economy. Big fleets with a lot of vehicles on the road almost always use these devices to save as much fuel as possible... and it works!

Performance Tuners also tune your engine for more power and better fuel economy. Depending on the brand of tuner and the vehicle application, tuners can allow you to customize almost all of the aspects of your engine and transmission and often control other electronic systems in the vehicle as well.

External Modules are another type of performance chip that is commonly used today. External modules modify the signals into and out of the factory vehicle computer rather than modify the programming inside the computer. These performance modules can achieve similar performance and fuel economy gains. The modules install using in-line wiring harnesses that hook into factory vehicle wire harnesses in a "plug and play" style to intercept, change, and re-send signals to and from the computer. Modules from top brands like TS Performance, Edge, Diablosport, and Banks Power are available for most vehicles. Just about every application from light duty pickup trucks to medium and heavy duty trucks, diesel motorhomes, tractors, combines, Mercedes Benz, or Volkswagen TDI, has a module available to boost power and fuel economy.

A lot of people struggle with the idea that vehicle's can make more power AND still get better fuel economy, BUT IT IS TRUE! Tuning companies spend unbelievable time and effort creating proven tunes to squeeze every bit of performance and economy out vehicles. More power means less downshifting and lower average RPM’s, fuel pressures are also often raised which leads to better fuel atomizing and a better cylinder burn with more power, less waste, and lower emissions which also equates to improved fuel economy. If you are still not sure, the expert techs at Speed House can help you choose the device that best meets your needs.