Banks Power

Speed House is one of only a select few authorized online Banks Power dealers because of our extensive Banks product knowledge and inventory. Give us a call at 800-797-4076 and our performance consultants will gladly help you choose the Banks Power products to meet your needs.

Gale Banks Engineering has been a technological leader in the diesel and gas aftermarket for decades. The company has a history of breakthrough, patented innovations in both high performance gas and diesel engine development. When it comes to forced induction on a diesel or a gas with a turbo or a supercharger, Banks Power is unrivaled. Banks has repeatedly proven their design, engineering, and manufacturing dominance for complete vehicle performance package development and modification. There are no competitors in the industry that cover the diesel performance market as effectively or completely as the Banks Power products from Gale Banks Engineering.

Banks is an engineering firm staffed with world-class automotive gear heads. Gale Banks Engineering applies unrivaled experience, design, engineering, and manufacturing know how to provide performance solutions that keep raising the bar year after year. No one knows diesel performance like Gale Banks which makes the Banks Power brand a truly premium brand with exceptional value, quality, and reliability. Banks products not only work great but fit perfectly every time. With kits like the Big Hoss Bundle, Powerpack, and Stinger systems, Banks Power is the only manufacturer to offer everything you need for diesel performance or gas vehicle performance in one package that is engineered from the ground up to be a complete kit that works together.