Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives


Which Opti-Lube product is best for my vehicle and where I operate it?

The main objective for Opti-Lube is improving fuel quality. Producing the best products possible to increase lubrication in diesel fuel is the foundation of the additives but there is a different blend for each users unique needs for their vehicle and environment to work with every goal and climate to produce positive experiences accross the board. All of Opti-Lube products are safe to use with DPF equipped engines and all of the diesel fuel improvement blends clean injectors, improve water separation, prevent fuel system corrosion AND improve fuel economy.

The Opti-Lube blends are as follows:

Opti-Lube XPD Diesel Fuel Improver was rated the best additive in the 'Spicer' test for adding lubricity to diesel fuel. XPD is considered a superior all around package because it has the ability to treat all diesel fuel for many of the problems common in modern ULSD for both Summer or Winter. First, it includes an anti-gel package that protects No. 2 Diesel from clouding down to approximately -10F, a cetane improver to boost cetane by at least 3 points, it acts as a demulsifier to help drop water out of fuel so its not run through expensive fuel systems, it aids in deposit control with fuel system cleaning agents, and it has a superior lubricity package that is safe for all DPF equipped engines. Many people use this product year around due its excellent performance with all diesel fuels in all diesel engines.

Opti-Lube Winter Diesel Fuel Improver has been designed for cold climates and winterized fuels (No. 1 and No. 2 blended diesel). These climates need more of the anti gel package to protect winterized diesel fuel clouding down to approximately -50F. It has added cloud point protection but still improves cetane by at least 3 points, helps demulsify water, has deposit control with fuel system cleaning agents, and still has lubricity to safely lubricate your diesel fuel.

Opti-Lube Summer+ Blend was designed for use in warmer temperatures with No. 2 Diesel. The Summer+ Formula contains deposit control, demulsifying agents, a lubricity package and will boost Cetane by 5-7 points. At 2¢-4¢ cents per treated gallon this the most economical Opti-Lube product due to a very low treatment ratio of only 1-2 oz per 20 gallons of diesel.

Opti-Lube Boost! was designed mainly to improve cetane by 7-9 points. This performance cetane booster still provides a measure of lubrication, deposit control, and demulsifier benefit however the primary focus of this product is on Cetand impovement.

Opti-Lube XL (EXTREME LUBRICANT) is the ultimate lubricity additive! XL is primarily a lubrixity improver but it also contains water and deposit control packages to keep your fuel system safe and functioning at full efficiency with a mix ratio up just 1/8 oz to 1/4 oz XL per gallon of diesel.

Opti-Lube Agricultre Diesel Fuel Additive improves efficiency, cleans injectors and separates water via demulsification to help stabilize the fuel for long term storage and inhibit bacterial growth plus it adds Cetane improvement to reduce the ignition delay period between the first fuel injection into the cylinder and start of combustion. The strong cleaning and demulsifing ingredients in Ag Formula make it a great choice for bulk tanks and over the winter storage. The cleaning and demulsifier ingredients work together to inhibit algea/bacterial growth ensuring smooth running equipment.